“Since my first visit to Sichuan in 1986, I have been concerned for the plight of the iconic Giant Panda. Our generation has the opportunity to remove Pandas from the endangered list. Panda volunteer work is vital for their future and enriching for those who take part.”
John Craven OBE
UK Ambassador for Sichuan Giant Pandas

The likelihood of a Giant Panda being pregnant with twins is almost 45%, nearly equal to giving birth to one Panda. It is also possible, yet quite rare, for a Panda to have triplets.


If you feel you want to make a more instantaneous contribution to the conservation of the Giant Panda, you can donate directly to the Panda Guardian Fund.

The Giant Panda has always been at the forefront of animal conservation campaigns, and is a symbol of endangerment and animal conservation worldwide. Your donation will be put towards the many different panda conservation initiatives currently taking place, including connecting the forests of the Central China region in which the pandas live, allowing them to roam free and breed naturally with other Giant Pandas.

By filling in your details, we will keep a record of your gift and link you through to the ‘Panda Guardian Fund’ JustGiving donation page. John Craven, the UK Panda Ambassador, will announce the total amount and make a presentation to the Chengdu and Bifengxia Panda Centres in September.

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